Tribe Capital

Tribe Capital is a venture capital firm out of San Francisco, USA, that invests in early-stage technology companies that are identified using data science and analytics. Specializing and applying data science to VC enables Tribe Capital to source, evaluate and win highly-competitive deals, a unique model which sets them apart from other traditional VC firms.

Oman Impact:
Through Tribe Capital’s portfolio companies, IDO will get the chance to gain meaningful insight to the fastest growing VC sector in the world, Software. Oman will benefit by getting proprietary access to otherwise highly competitive deals. Additionally, IDO’s investment into Tribe Capital will allow for young Omanis in the VC space to be offered the chance to enhance their data science and analysis skills, consequently developing the ability to carry out quantitative and objective investment decision making.

IDO Value Add:
IDO will add value to Tribe Capital’s portfolio companies by offering market expansion opportunities to Oman and the region, as well as aid in business development for Omani startups looking to explore market expansion into the North American software industry.

Industry: Investment Fund
Headquarters: USA
Year Invested: 2019