Teal Drones

Teal Drones, a company producing the first-of-their-kind high-performance drones that have AI on board running in real time. The company currently manufactures its own drones, hardware and software, and have applied it towards the defense industry for reconnaissance use. The company is now starting to expand what the platform is capable of and what the drone is able to do and applying it to different enterprise use cases.

Oman Impact
There has been serious interest from various organizations in Oman, through IDOs extensive network. Its unique technology can be used in various industries including oil and gas, and logistics, which are key development areas for the Sultanate.

IDO Value Add
IDO has provided support consistently since inception of Teal via a dedicated Omani staff member who sits on the Teal board. Through their expertise and direction, IDO has been instrumental in the shift of the company from a consumer product focusing on hardware, to a more business focused enterprise with further software developments.

Industry: Drones
Headquarters: USA
Year Invested: 2017